Lost City Books eReader Review For Txtr Beagle.

Txtr beagle , now here's an interesting little number for you, costing a mere £10 sterling. Woo, I hear you say from the other side of the screen. Well just wait a moment, it's not quite that simple. It is a bargain, no argument there, however, it won't work on its own. Noooo, but I had my heart set on it. Settle down, all may not yet be lost. If you've already got an Android Smart phone with Bluetooth®, you may already have what you need. If you have this it's definitely worth thinking about. As you'd expect it's a pretty basic eReader, but for £10 you can't really complain can you? As long as you have an Android Smart phone with Bluetooth®, the only other thing you'll need is Android Version 2.1 or higher and the latest txtr ebooks App for Android.

PROS: It boasts that its the cheapest eReader on the market.

CONS: It's only an eReader, It doesn't have a rechargeable battery (it takes AAA batteries), System requirements are very specific and must have other equipment that makes for some hidden costs. (Namely, you need: Android Smartphone with Bluetooth®, Android Version 2.1 or higher, Latest txtr ebooks App for Android)

FOLLOW LINK: Txtr Beagle (£10+/-)

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