Lost City Books eReader Review For Gotab.

Gotab is one of the lesser known eReaders. To be honest I can't tell you that much about this one. It's got the same back-lit LED screen that iPad and Kindle Fire have, (and it's in HD.) The screen auto rotates. It'll play your music etc, etc. It's a nice piece of a tech. It's considerably cheaper than the ipad and Kindle Fire, its natural competitors of market share, still, it's less known. The best information I have on this particular tablet is from christianbits.co.uk which says ' download process enables consumers to easily purchase eBooks from the www.hive.co.uk website' , if that means you can only buy you books from that site? I'm not sure.

PROS: Large capacity storage. Built in MP3 Player, Watch movies and video.

CONS: Shorter Battery Life than eReaders with the Ink Screen Technology.

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