Lost City Books eReader Review For Amazon's Kindle Paper White.

Amazon's Kindle Paper White. Its main claim to fame is it was the first eReader on the market to use the new Liquid Ink Screen technology. As mentioned above the Paper White has no movie or film feature. The MP3 is very limited similar to the iPod Shuffle you load a straight play list and, well, shuffle through it. The Internet interface is also slow and pretty limited, (it'll only load one window for you. No Farmville or Battle Pirates alas!) That said the battery life boasts a full MONTH provided the wi-fi isn't draining your power like a Dutch dam without a little boy to plug it! That's right a whole month between recharges that's not a typo. If you do go for this option I recommend you get it with the 3G installed. With this you can get the your eBooks delivered FREE with the Whispernet service that Amazon (the makers of Kindles) have teamed up with 3G to bring you.

PROS: Well known brand. Large capacity storage. Built in MP3 Player. Long Life Battery. Ink Screen Technology.

CONS: Does not play moves and film. Only has an experimental MP3 Player and internet function.

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