Lost City Books eReader Review For Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Amazon's Kindle Fire. Although we've listed three versions of the Kindle Fire there are only two significant differences between them, how many inches (for the screen size you naughty minded people!) and whether or not its in HD (High Definition). You can play your MP3 files, watch movie and video, play games, if you're going to get the Fire version of Kindle, my suggestion is spend a bit more and get HD. Why get the second best picture quality when the equivalent gizmo with high-def is only thirty quid more? If your thinking; Well, I only wanted it for reading my eBooks. Yes, well, if your willing to give up the video features, and swap your internet interface and MP3 player for the 'experimental' equivalent, which has much less function, then try the Kindle Paper White instead.

PROS: Well known brand. Large capacity storage. Built in MP3 & Shuffle Player, Watch movies and video.

CONS: Only around 8 hour battery life.

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