Lost City Books eReader Review For Nook's Simple Touch.

Nook's Simple Touch is comparable to Kindle's Paper White, again, it's a got a TWO MONTH charge with wi-fi off, not bad. It will also take a memory expansion card which is good since it's 2GB internal memory has roughly 1GB of space for content. The rest is used for the 'system'. It should be noted that of the 1GB content space, 750MB are set aside for books bought from the B&N site, you only have 238MB for your own content from other sources. You'll have to make up your own mind if your happy having your choice of bookseller restricted to that extent. It's not for me, that said, the price makes it attractive to the frugal buyer.

PROS: Its cheap. Ink Screen Technology.

CONS: It's only an eReader

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