Lost City Books eReader Review Main Page.

You have to get an eReader and there are plenty of reasons why. You get more choice when you shop online. They're environmentally friendly. You can get your eBooks instantly. Plus, they're cool and all your friend will be envious! Hoorah! But, you say, I don't know which one to get, or even what my choices are.

Not to worry, Lost City Books loves book readers and we want to support you in making the right consumer choice for you and your family. Just follow the links below to read our short reviews that will give you the skinny on price and function. We've reviewed ten brands here, there are others, but we think these show a pretty good selection of what's out there.

We've also posted links to online retailers that may give you some more information as well as providing you with a clear route to an actual purchase. Pretty much every product we've reviewed can be bought from multiple retailers so it might be worth while doing your own Google search, since, prices listed on our site may be out of date, and new information become available.

Either follow the 'tour' button below to read each review, or you can jump to individual reviews by using the menu above. Which ever eReader you end up picking, we wish you many happy hours of reading!

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