Lost City Books eReader Review For Sony's Reader.

Sony's The Reader is basically the same as Kindle's Paper White using the Liquid Ink Screen technology. It was however a late arrival, but that has given them a bit of an advantage in beefing up the specs which necessarily had to be better to compete with Paper White's early good press and reviews. Firstly these improvements on its earlier cousin come in the form of, not only internal memory, but a memory card compatibility (MicroSD Card, up to 32GB). But the main advantage of this eReader over Paper White is it's battery life,it boasts a whopping TWO MONTH battery life with wi-fi off, and one and a half month's with the wi-fi on. I haven't had a chance to see Sony's Reader claim for it's powers longevity first hand but I can tell you that Paper White with the wi-fi on is more like hours than weeks before it runs out of power. Despite Sony's well known brand, the Reader still trails behind iPad and Kindle in market share, this is probably more to do with its late arrival to the market place, and that it's of comparable price to it's better know competitors. That said its not a bad portal if all you want to do is read your books and you don't care about other features.

PROS: Well known brand. Large capacity storage. Quick Charge. Ink Screen Technology.

CONS: It's only an eReader

FOLLOW LINK: Sony Reader (£119)

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